Hello to all our wonderful ghouls, ghosts, and goblins who take the time out of their day to listen to Katie and myself ramble on about all of our bullshit. We are so excited that we have our first live show under our belt and so early on in 2019. It’s such an interesting experience and quite unlike what we’re used to. For one, the fact that we had several people attend just for us(some of you even traveled a great distance) was SO humbling. But also, it was great getting to interact with a crowd in the moment—it’s one thing to to talk to each other about this stuff, it’s a completely other thing to do it in front of others. We’ve said this numerous times, but thank you to everyone who came out to the show, and thank you to everyone who has shown your support one way or another. We’re so excited to continue to grow the show in 2019, and with that we definitely want to start adding more content to our episodes in the form of blog posts here in The Grimoire. In The Grimoire, you’ll find show notes, late night thoughts, and possibly some witchy little secrets. So sit back, relax, and as always…stay spooky.


Episode 17: Call Us on Your Ouija Board


We read somewhere that communication is the most important part of a relationship, so this week we are COMMUNING WITH THE DEAD. Not really. We're talkin' Ouija boards, people. So light a single black flame candle and settle in as Katie discusses the origins of the Ouija board and Kenny covers the case of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro, the real life inspiration for the Netflix film 'Veronica'. 


0:00 - 6:25 Intro + Katie divulges all secrets + Opening Chatter

6:26 - 13:37 - Dead Planet Co. + Patreon and social media plugs

13:38 - 28:00 - Topic introduction + how we feel about spirit boards

28:00 - 40:54 - Origins and popularization of spirit boards

40:55 - 1:08:40 - Kenny talks about the viral film Veronica + the true case it was inspired by.

1:08:41 - 1:11:00 - Kenny and Katie talk about their afterlife plans + Stay Spooky sign off.


EPISODE 16: All Up in Them Horror Guts ('90s Edition)

If there's one thing we love here at The Haunted Heart, it's good horror. This week, we're looking at some of the best (and, arguably, worst) of horror as Kenny and Katie discuss their favorite villains and more in this 1990s edition of our Horror Superlatives. 

0:00 - 1:17 Nordic True Crime Promo
1:18 - 1:42 Haunted Heart Intro
1:43 - 5:13 Opening Chatter
5:14 - 9:55 Nordic True Crime Highlight
9:56 - 14:29 Social Media/ Patreon announcement
14:30 - 35:50 Topic Introduction/90's Horror Recap
35:51 - 1:19:00 90's Horror Superlatives!
1:20:00 - 1:29:00 Tagline Games/Stay Spooky Close Out

Episode 14 Part 2!

Thank you guys so much for following along with us as we've delved into the world of cults and secret societies! We've discussed NXIVM, founded by a crazy hypnotist and linguistic programming specialist and THE VANGUARD. *insert eye roll here* We've also traveled back in history to look at secret sex orgies frequented by none other than Benjamin Franklin himself, and even got into an ancient cult of Demeter and how that ties in with Freemasonry and D.C. architecture.  You'll find a culmination of images below that we acquired during our research.A quick click on each image will tell you a bit more about it.  Enjoy!

Don't forget to check out part 1! 


0:00 - 0:39 - Promo by Murder Blows

0:40 - 1:05 - Intro 

1:06 - 3:23 - Opening chatter

3:24 - 4:49 - Murder Blows shout out / Topic Introduction

4:50 - 8:50 - Awkwardness /Silver Spider Print Shop 

8:51 - 36:40 - Pt. 1 Recap / Kenny's topic on cult connections to D.C. 

36:41 - 1:04:00 - Listener email / Katie's topic on The Twelve Tribes 

1:05:00 - 1:0 7:45 - Closing chatter / Stay Spooky close out